“Adulting” 101: 50+ Program Ideas for Libraries

What are “Traditional” Library Programs?

Not that long ago I wrote about #DataRescueDavis, a library program that I helped with at the UC Davis Peter J. Shields Library. I also recapped my participation in my weekly journal for my class instructor; in it, I asked “what are “traditional” library programs anyway? Do academic libraries have a “typical” set of events that they’d usually participate in, and I’m just not aware of them?” Can I come up with any unique or useful program ideas?

My professor commented:

Somehow, I don’t believe that ‘traditional’ programming for libraries exists any longer – in any type of library.

Program Ideas for Every Library

Here’s a case in point: one librarian on the ALA Think Tank group on Facebook posted about ideas for some “Adulting 101” workshops at her career college library. These workshops could work just as well at a public library, a school library (especially high school!), an academic library at a university, and perhaps even some special libraries!

Rather than comb through the comments, here are the ideas in a handy list for you to think about, adapt, and use at your library! I’ve sorted them by general category and added some helpful notes. Continue reading ““Adulting” 101: 50+ Program Ideas for Libraries”

Collection Processing and You: We Are All Librarians

We Are All Librarians

Just over three weeks ago,  I started an internship at the University of California at Davis’ Peter J. Shields Library with the university archivist. It wasn’t until earlier this week that it hit me: we are all librarians. No, really. Many librarians do something called “collection processing.” But whenever someone empties out their wallet or takes out the trash, they’re also processing a collection. What people choose to keep, trash or treasure says a lot about who they are. Continue reading “Collection Processing and You: We Are All Librarians”